Recruitment, reimagined.

Meet Nebula, the most advanced, most powerful, most expansive AI-driven talent network on the market.

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Use Nebula to quickly find the perfect candidate for any role, every time.


Go beyond resumes to understand the true potential of candidates.


Send your messages to inboxes that actually get checked and make meaningful connections with talent.

What makes Nebula better


Largest Talent Network

Nebula is the first talent management solution that does away with job postings and uses deep learning AI to connect you directly with qualified candidates.


Industry-First AI

Nebula is the first to leverage emerging fields of AI to streamline every step of the recruiting process, from writing job descriptions to scheduling interviews.


Proven Bias Solutions

Guarantee you find the best candidate for the role every time with the only patented solution for reducing hiring bias.


Exclusive Compensation Data

Nebula has exclusive access to federal income data for generating tailored compensation estimates and managing resources.

Ready to go?

There’s a universe of candidates waiting to be explored. Sign up today and experience the ease of modern talent management.

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Features List

It’s time to throw your boolean strings in the trash

  • Sourcing From a Database of the Entire US Working Population

  • Job Description Builder

  • Profile Specific Compensation Intelligence

  • Skills Graphing

  • Connected Email In/Outbox

  • Text Messaging

  • Sequenced Mesaging Campaign Builder

  • Conversational AI

  • Competency Banding

  • Phone Numbers + Emails + Social Links

  • Actionable Insights

  • Recruitment Marketing Message Generator

  • ATS / CRM Functionality

  • Interview Scheduling

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How it Works


Tell us what you’re hiring for

Describe your ideal candidate and Nebula will combine your input with a library of career data to write tailored job descriptions and outreach messages.



Build a shortlist of candidates

Adjust or approve the job description and instantly browse a feed of pre-qualified candidates ranked by culture fit, relevant skills, potential, and more.



Engage the perfect candidate in weeks — not months

Use Nebula’s exclusive federal income database to generate the ideal offer, connect with candidates using customized AI-generated recruiting messages, and cut your time-to-hire in half.


Ready to go?

In collaboration with a renowned team of data scientists and talent acquisition experts, Nebula was developed to modernize recruiting and talent management.

By offering a free trial, we’re able to gather feedback from professionals like you who can use this solution to improve your experience and the experience of your candidates. Your insights are vital to us, and we encourage you to share your experience with Nebula.

Your next great hire is just a few clicks away.

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